Custom Animation Services

We would love to partner with you on your big project. We can help with:

  • Animation for advertising campaigns
  • Creating character walk cycles, run cycles, attack and defense animations for your video game
  • Dynamic product imagery and explainer videos
Custom animation by Boston Cartoon Company

"Flem" from Super New City: The Agency

Animation made in Autodesk Maya

  • Animation exportable to fbx for use in Unity, Unreal Engine 4

Paul O'Brien profile picture

Paul O'Brien

3D Animator

Paul O'Brien is the 3D animator of Boston Cartoon Company. Paul uses Autodesk Maya and ZBrush for 3D modeling.

Michael Meara profile pic

Michael Meara

2D Animator

Creator and Illustrator of Super New City and Giraffe Fist.

If you need help with custom animation from the beginning, our creative consulting service is the place to start.