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Super New City Rise of the Cactus comic by Boston Cartoon Company

Super New City

Follow Puck, The Agency, and the rest of the Extra-Ordinary Citizens as they thwart the criminals of the city.

Super New City: The Agency comic by Boston Cartoon Company

SNC: The Agency

The Agency was formed to track down the missing Extra Ordinary Citizens from the mysterious event 20 years ago. Agent el Toad is the veteran operative, teaming up with recently returned EOC Flaming Magnetic Man. Their latest mission is to track down Captain Omega after he escaped protective custody.

Giraffe Fist comic by Boston Cartoon Company

Giraffe Fist

Rex Savory, world famous biologist, is sent by popular demand to investigate the mysterious scientist Dr. Zombieski at his moon base. Nothing will be the same after this out-of-the-world trip for Rex and his team!

Boston Baked Beanz comic by Boston Cartoon Company

Boston Baked Beanz

Mike Cannelini is just a bean trying to make it in this hectic world. Check out this  comic set in Beantown.